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    Trottoir-Special 2021 || Street Theatre (english)




    Trottoir-Printspecial STREET-THEATRE 2021

    Editorial deadline 15.11.2020

    Early-bird-offer (till 16 Oct. 2020):
    1 vertical column (92 x 261 mm) 225,- EUR (instead 265,-EUR) add. VAT

    The trade journal Trottoir-online is publishing a print-special street-theatre in cooperation with the Federal Association for Theatre in the Public Space – the interest group for professional artists, producers, agents and creators. The publication will take place end of 2020 in order to be available for organizers in 2021 and is intended to inform decision takers in cultural departments, city marketing people, trade promotion groups and event organizers about current productions of the performing artists.

    We, as publishers of an online magazine, have made the choice to publish a printed magazine for good reasons: a print version is sustainable; turning actual pages leaves a deeper memory effect and helps to create a quick overview for the event organizer. Pages opened on a computer screen tend to be more fleeting than text and images on paper and the combination of both perspectives covers all bases.

    So in addition all artists and productions will be presented as flip page PDF on the internet.

    And here is the core information:

    Format of the print version: A4 
    Circulation: 3300
    Distribution: 3100 by mailing | 200 trade fair Kulturbrse Freiburg 2021

    Target group: cultural departments, city marketing departments, trade councils and event organizers.

    # Plus: parallel internal presentation at Trottoir-online 
               compare: Trottoir-Special 2020 || Straentheater  Print Version 2020: Pdf

    1 column
    (half-page A4 vertical): width 92 mm x height 261 mm 

    : group or artist artbild_320_inka_arlt_neu

    Title of show or production

    Genre-Tags: maximum of 3 keywords describing the performance.

    Image 01
    Min. width 100 mm

    When just one image is chosen there will be space for
    about 1450 characters of info-text including spaces.

    image 02

    When two images or one large image are chosen there is space for about 900 characters of info-text including spaces.

    of performers involved
    Duration of show/performance

    Contact: 6 lines

    Measurements and Prices:

    1 vertical column ( 92 mm x 261 mm)  265,- EUR 
    2 vertical column (190 mm x 261 mm)  495,- EUR  (A4 page)

    Logo or QR-Code: 15,- EUR

    Front cover: 940,- EUR  plus 1 vertical column inside
    Inside cover page: 570,- EUR 
    Inside back cover page: 590,- EUR 
    Back cover: 720,- EUR 

    The value-added tax of 19% is added to those prices
    Clients based abroad may be exempt from the VAT if they can provide their tax-ident no.

    Image- and file sizes:
    Image: min. width 100 mm
    Fileformat: Hi-res (min. 300 dpi) PDF, EPS, JPG or TIFF


    About Trottoir:

    From 1993 until 2010 TROTTOIR was the trade journal for cabaret in Germany,
    Austria and Switzerland. It was published quarterly and with 30 editorial offices
    reported about all branches of vaudeville, e.g. kabarett, comedy, street-theatre,
    variety theatre, circus, music hall, magic, puppetry etc.. In addition there were
    special editions about the trade-fairs Performance Paderborn and Kulturbrse
    Freiburg. This was supplemented by articles dealing with issues ranging from
    artist’s social insurance to the founding of a theatre group.

    The print version of TROTTOIR was discontinued after the June edition of 2010, to
    be continued with the online edition in 2012. Four online-editions per year are
    completed by news-updates in between and thus our online presence is aided by the
    wider reach that the internet provides, plus the more complex options of updating
    and linking information. In addition all articles from 1998 to 2010 have been
    digitalized and integrated into the website as an archive of the history of vaudeville.

    About the federal association:

    The Federal Association for Theatre in the Public Space/Bundesverband Theater im ffentlichen Raum aims to establish street-theatre/open-air theatre as an artistic genre in its own right in order to promote it, support it and provide ample networking. As the interest group for professional artists, producers, agents and creators the federal association is working towards the official recognition of theatre in the public space and for the improvement of the conditions for producing and presenting this art form.

    Key areas of activity:

    - Promotion and development of the genre as a part of the contemporary performing arts
    - Spreading the awareness about the theatre in the public space in the realms of cultural
    - Communication with politics, science and the media
    - Connecting festivals, performing artists and multipliers nationally and internationally
    - Center of information, discussion, documentation and research of the genre
    - Supporting the creation of production centers
    - Sponsoring education and training for performers in the public space


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